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Mountain Lake

History & Origin

An aboriginal descent,
3rd Generation of the
Montagnaise Nation, she is
native from Northern Quebec.

Em-Art - Danseuse | Dancer - Popping, Robot, Waving, Hip Hop, Street Dance.
Em-Art - Danseuse | Dancer - Popping, Robot, Waving, Hip Hop, Street Dance.

Dream of becoming a Professional Dancer

Born in 1992, she is an aboriginal descent 3rd generation. She lived her early childhood in Northern Quebec with her single mother following the abandonment and disappearance of her father about a year after her birth. Her dream of becoming a professional dancer has always allowed her to overcome difficulties. An extraordinary dream in a small village of 3000 inhabitants where she learned to hunt with rifles and bows, survival in the forest, fishing and spent the summer seasons in the stables of the village and the farm of her grandparents. 

Em-Art - Danseuse | Dancer - Popping, Robot, Waving, Hip Hop, Street Dance.

She began to dance Jazz at an early age in the village's dance school. She never missed an opportunity to dance at home, watch videos and live her passion rather than doing other activities of her age. Later, as a teenager, she continued to learn her art independently by being creative. Her ultimate goal: to break into the dance!  To this end, she left  the Northen village and her family at 15 years old to complete high school in Abitibi to access more advanced level dance classes.

Over the next few years, she chose to diversify her dance styles and learn the basics of Baladi, Ballet Jazz and Street Jazz.  She started a dance troop and won regional competitions several times. In order to move to Montreal and realize her dream, she worked in Gold Mining as a student in order to raise a cash fund.

With a phenomenal motivation and perseverance, Emilie sacrificed a lot financially, socially as such as family over the last 15 years to perfect her artistic discipline at Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, New York, Boston, Los Angeles and get involved in the realization of her goals and dreams. You may have seen her dance in the streets of Montreal to raise money?  

Em-Art - Danseuse | Dancer - Popping, Robot, Waving, Hip Hop, Street Dance.

She is a professional artist and her impressive career is constantly growingCirque du Soleil, Cirque 45 Degrees, World Of Dance, Subway and NAPA Auto Pro Commercials, La Fabuleuse Movie's Music Video, Music Plus and Vrak TV Channels, Le Petit Cabaret TV Show, More than 150 live shows and more! 
Now known as Em-Art, she is a true inspiration that reminds everyone that we can succeed with determination.

The Secret book

 As a teenager, her mother recommended that she read the book "The Secret." It is the Laws of Attraction, Intention and Gratitude explained in this book that has allowed her to understand that there are no limit to possible accomplishments. This reading remains forever etched in her heart and her mind since it served as a beacon during the darker periods by constantly reminding her consciousness that with an open
mind, there are no limits other than those imposed on oneself.
 In this sense, she recommends everyone to read this book and listen to the documentary on Netflix.

Finally, in order to remain focused on her life goals, she regularly practices meditation. It is a beautiful tool to observe one's thoughts, channel one's energy, visualize one's dreams and implement The Secret.

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